Senior Marketers

👀 If you are looking to grow your business, you will need a strong Digital Marketer. Did you know Senior Digital Marketers in Canada on average are being paid $69,000+ for top talent? 👉🏻 As we all know, more than ever, there is a shift online to digital marketing and marketing automation. It's time to start placing more value on your digital marketing and begin to place your Digital Marketing Manager in a leadership role--similarly to a Sales Manager or Operations Manager. They are just that crucial to most businesses today, particularly if you are selling online. They will be driving more leads and conversions than anyone else. 🍿 Hence, at POP we highly recommend working with an individual or team that has at least 7-10 years experience. ⚠️ Don't fall for the $20/ hour trap with Junior Marketers. (They certainly have an important place in the marketing world, but they shouldn't be controlling this CRUCIAL foundation of your business. They won't give you the ROI you are looking for. We've seen it too many times. You'll be frustrated and quit.) 😃 Happy to chat with anyone that would like to chat more about hiring a strong Digital Marketer. 613-583-7845